Lifestyle Advantage

Typical dieting and exercise programs are not working!

Lasting changes in your weight and in your health only come about with developing healthy habits that become a way of life! Our 30-day program was developed based on the powerful message of health promotion and disease prevention that our team’s prevention specialist, Bill Bergman, M.D. has been teaching for more than 40 years.

You’ll be receiving weekly video messages that empower you with the information you need to know about cellular health, low glycemic eating, and how to reverse a common condition known as insulin resistance or ‘Metabolic syndrome’ affecting close to one-in-two Americans.  Science is now confirming that this low-grade inflammatory disorder is the secret link between diabetes and other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, dementia and more.

Eat real food!

Our easy-to-follow plan is simple, convenient and based on eating whole nutrient-dense foods along with getting the proper supplementation to ensure your cells get the nutrition they need to perform their best. You’re only as healthy as your cell’s capacity to take in nutrients and release toxins.

We include daily tips on how to relieve stress — one of the greatest factors affecting our health and quality of life.  In addition, because there’s so much confusion on what to eat and what not to eat, we’ll create clarity with practical tips, in addition to easy-to-follow lists of what foods to buy and the essentials to keep stocked in your kitchen, as well as what to do when eating out at restaurants and parties.

Many people from a wide variety of backgrounds have found success with our emphasis on losing weight and increasing vitality from the inside out!

The Secret to Success: the Support of our Lifestyle Advantage Team!

Along with the weekly recorded webinars, we’ll provide additional means for on-going support:

  • a weekly group support call by our master wellness coach, Gail Haun RN & other health professionals
  • a Facebook forum to connect with others looking to transform their health
  • a personal program sponsor to answer any questions you may encounter

And with our network of professional wellness coaches and health providers, you can even elect for additional one-on-one coaching and accountability if you choose at a nominal charge. We want to make sure you reach your goals once and for all!

This 30-day program doesn’t rely on deprivation or will-power.  It’s easy to stick to the plan with this two step approach:

Step 1: break the addiction to refined carbohydrates and sugars now so it becomes easy to make healthier choices and finally reach your New Year’s Resolutions for good!

Step 2: nourish the cells with the absolute best supplements available anywhere so you no longer have to battle the food cravings.  We’ll help restore your body’s innate ability to heal so you can look and feel your best all year!

Beginning the first days of the program, you’ll notice a slight shift

… your mood with improve and you’ll be able to think more clearly

… you’ll have more energy throughout the day

… you’ll have deeper more refreshing sleep at night

… you’ll notice inches lost in the all-important abdomen area and your clothes will fit better

… you’ll see increased muscle mass and be inspired to move and exercise more

You’ll feel wonderful, empowered and proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished!

And we’ll be with you every step of the way!