Typical diet and exercise programs don’t work… at least not for the long-term.  So we developed Lifestyle Advantage, an easy-to-follow 30-Day holistic plan to show you how take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Be empowered with all the strategies and skills you need to lose weight in a healthy way, while developing habits that promote a lifetime of vitality, energy and joy!

Our MissionIt is easy to follow because you’ll be feeding your body the nutrients it needs, and you will not be hungry!

  • Break the addiction to carbs and sugars
  • Change the primary focus from diet & exercise… to a mindset that promotes ease and balance
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle that will naturally release excess weight… and help you keep it off for good!
  • Jumpstart your metabolism by reducing “chronic inflammation” (the secret link between diabetes and
    other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and dementia)
  • Empower you to feel confident with a new lease on life!

The Secret to Success — Support!  Obtain the keys to handle stress & change your mindset for life – all the information you need to know delivered through with video emails, daily tips, community forums and a weekly group call by a Master Wellness Coach Gail Haun and other health professionals. Included for no additional charge!

AND, you can repeat the program again and again until you reach your goal.

Have you been looking for a holistic solution that works?
Join us for 30 Days and we’ll give you the keys to greater health, vitality and happiness… for life!

30 Days to a Happier,
Healthier YOU!

We take a mind-body-spirit approach to help you attain the best health of your life, release stress and excess weight, and feel great with more ease, energy and vitality! >>more

Program Details

Health begins at the cellular level so we begin our program with a 5-day cleanse that eliminates toxins from the cells. Feel better and lose the cravings in just 1 week! >>more

Success Stories

“I used to drink nearly a pitcher of iced tea a day and never thought I could go cold turkey off the caffeine. After the third day I was fine and don’t even crave it!” Kathy B.  >>more


“This isn’t a diet. It’s a commitment to a healthier lifestyle you can actually live by. I was never hungry and yet I developed new habits I LOVE that I know I can live by and feel better than ever!”

—– Hermina G.                           >> see more success stories